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Relationship4pageMarriage is one of the most important commitments and partnerships in ones life. However if this relationship breaks down we provide a confidential service with trained therapists. We offer emotional support within a non judgmental and safe environment. where the couple can work on their issues. Sessions are arranged either face to face or over skype as arranged. We support and help a couple to develop and maintain a healthy marriage which means a healthy family environment for children to grow up in. Our commitment where possible is to help couples in resolving their issues, understand the importance of shared goals and values as well as how to keep their love for each other alive.

ME4U (Marriage Education for You)

Pre Marriage and Marriage workshops


Who is the Real you? … Our one day workshops are delivered to both male and females in a halal environment will enable you to discover qualities about yourself and values which you deem important for your spouse to have as well as what to avoid. The workshop is delivered through a coaching style by experienced trainers who create an environment where issues relating to Islamic faith or cultural barriers are explored.
The Marriage workshop is an opportunity for the couple to get to know each other and discover what each wants from the marriage. It will also explore where you are as a couple on the ‘Cycle of Marriage’ and how to grow together and support each other by communicating, negotiating and making compromises.

The ‘Five Pillars of Parenting‘© programme
The Pillars are addressed simultaneously over the 8 weeks.

  •  1st Pillar – Character: Identify the importance of having good character, morals, personality and behaviour.
  • 2nd Pillar -Knowledge: learning new skills and strategies and acting on this knowledge.
  • 3rd Pillar – Action: putting what you have learned into practice to achieve results.
  • 4th Pillar -Steadfast: dedicated to overcome difficulties, parents may doubt themselves as they experience resistance to the new techniques.
  • 5th Pillar -Positive relationships: stronger family bonding, improved parenting and families initiate meaningful and permanent positive relationships.
  •  Islamic concepts such as Thankfulness and Tawbah (repentance) are placed with psychological principles.
  • Quranic evidence (e.g. Surah Luqman regarding the responsibilities of parenting) is included.
  • Prophetic examples (e.g. how the Prophet, (pbuh) would play with children and interact with others).
  • Teaching positive parent-child interaction and communication; specific ways to deal with difficult behaviour.
  • Parents grow in confidence, become good role models and are able to teach children how to use good manners.

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