Pregnancy – 3 Years

Paregnancy-34pageThe Five Pillars of Parenting programme, pregnancy to 3 years was developed to educate and support parents to feel confident to raise their children in a loving and supportive environment. It enables parents to understand the importance of developing a good relationship with child from the beginning and how to developing the character and moral destiny.

We believe all children should be able to enjoy their childhood in a supportive and nurturing environment. Research links the experience of the foetus, infant and young child to longer term emotional, social and physical health outcomes. The baby’s social and emotional development is affected by the quality of their attachment to their parents.

The course is eight weeks in weekly in 2 hour sessions. Delivered by experienced and professional facilitators, we create a therapeutic atmosphere where parents can explore their own parenting within a religious context.

We use a range of learning methods including group workshops and activities, role play and discussion.
 Skills are developed in sessions where we practice with dolls, and participants encouraged to practice at home.CANparent Quality Mark

The course covers:

  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Relationships adjustments
  • Bonding and attachment during and after pregnancy
  • Understanding post natal depression
  • Child development
  • Developing routine and structure
  • How to cultivate your family values
  • Ladder coaching skills
  • Instigating parenting plans to stimulate a healthy and happier family

Parents are issued with a certificate of attendance.

The ‘Five Pillars of Parenting’© programme
The Pillars are addressed simultaneously over the 8 weeks.

  •  1st Pillar – Character: Identify the importance of having good character, morals, personality and behaviour.
  • 2nd Pillar -Knowledge: learning new skills and strategies and acting on this knowledge.
  • 3rd Pillar – Action: putting what you have learned into practice to achieve results.
  • 4th Pillar -Steadfast: dedicated to overcome difficulties, parents may doubt themselves as they experience resistance to the new techniques.
  • 5th Pillar -Positive relationships: stronger family bonding, improved parenting and families initiate meaningful and permanent positive relationships.
  •  Islamic concepts such as Thankfulness and Tawbah (repentance) are placed with psychological principles.
  • Quranic evidence (e.g. Surah Luqman regarding the responsibilities of parenting) is included.
  • Prophetic examples (e.g. how the Prophet, (pbuh) would play with children and interact with others).
  • Teaching positive parent-child interaction and communication; specific ways to deal with difficult behaviour.
  • Parents grow in confidence, become good role models and are able to teach children how to use good manners.

Parent Testimonials

  • “Islamic views especially on the importance of play”
  • “The importance of Islamic values, respect for self, for family values and for others”
  • “My family is now nearer harmony”

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