Is This Just For Muslim Parents?

The courses that we offer at Approachable Parenting are not just for Muslim Parents!

We welcome non-Muslim parents on our parenting courses and have already had many complete some of our parenting courses. Our courses are grounded in Islamic morals but the principles and lessons learnt on our courses can be applied to all parents no matter their background.

If you are interested in any of our parenting courses, but are worried about being able to use the lessons and techniques learnt on the courses, please get in contact on one of our course pages and we can go through the content with you.

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  • Lisa Fielding


    Hi Kathleen please can you contact e regarding your courses. My name is Lisa Fielding at the Chinnbrook Centre in Billesley and my Line Manager Sylvia Fry has asked me to contact you.

    Lisa Fielding


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