Approachable Parenting overview of 2016

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Approachable Parenting overview of 2016

benefitted children, adults and families

Community Intervention

  • Presented Parenting Hour a weekly community radio show (Unity FM 93.5) along with guest speakers and professionals discussing topical issues effecting families, communities and society, reaching 15,000 listeners per week
  • Engaged with 25 mosques, community centres, schools and children’s centres.
  • Carried outassessments on all families and analysed changes made by parents who attended our programmes
  • Successfully reached parents for hard to reach communities including: Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghani, Somalia, Eritrean, African Caribbean, Arab, Yemeni, Chinese and White British families
  • Undertaken therapeutic work with parents regarding social, emotional and behavioural difficulties with their children
  • Reached mothers who have experienced domestic abuse and violence and delivered aparenting programme to support them in re-establishing their lives]
  • Provided work placementsfor 3 graduate and undergraduate psychology students, 2 business students and 4 college students
  • Opportunities for parents and others to volunteer
  • Took part in the Living Islam Festival, attended by 1000’s of Muslims
  • Continuing to support our work abroad in Ireland and Bosnia.

Programmes Delivered

  • Delivered the reputable 5 Pillars of Parenting Programmesto 380 families
  • Delivering our evidenced based pregnancy to 3 years and 4-11 year programmes in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bradford and Leicester
  • Developing our new programme for parents for teenagers and for teenagers themselves to roll out in 2017
  • Trained 16 individuals in Ireland and the UK in the ME4U (pre- marriage) programme
  • Delivered ME4U to young people and parents on what to look for in Mr & Mrs Right, how to make the right choice to reduce forced marriages and domestic abuse.
  • Providedtraining for 34 new trainers to be able to deliver programmes and supporting them to gain the Award in Education and Training (teaching qualification)
  • Selected and training 15 Sparklers to become peer mentors to support parents
  • Supervision sessions and support for all trainers
  • Coached couples on issues affecting their relationship
  • Delivered training to professionals on working with different communities

Public Relations


  • Contributedto journals an academic paper is awaiting publication.
  • Invited to events in House of Commons and part of All-Party Parliamentary Group.
  • Lectured at international and local conferences focussing on cultural parenting and parenting techniques customised for families from BAME cultures, hard to reach and disadvantage communities.
  • Took part in the Living Islam Festival, attended by 1000’s of Muslims.
  • Contributed to a 2-hour live phone in from UK cities on Radio 4 in BBC Lincoln
  • Appeared on TV programmes: British Muslim TV a series of 7 shows and Islam Channel twice.
  • Partnered with Islamic Relief and Human Appeal
  • Continuing to support our work abroad in Ireland and Bosnia.


Thank you for your support. We look forward to working with you in 2017!

Me 4 u – Birmingham 26th November 2016

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