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Approachable Parenting ‘Pick and Mix’ choices in parenting teenagers



Kathleen Roche-Nagi
Teenagers face a myriad of challenges and influences different from our own turbulent years. Social media and various pressures often compound our teens and they react by being labelled as difficult, demanding and unappreciative. We hear about how the parents feel a mix of emotions that their teen is not meeting expectations and not growing into the kind of person they envisioned.

Parenting is challenging at the best of times but the right tools and skills can bring much ease into the home.

During the launch of our ‘5 Pillars of Parenting’ Teen Programme, we asked parents if they could ‘Pick and Mix’ what they could know to raising their teenager.

The replies from parents were impressive as was the knowledge of teenagers who attended our holiday programme last week.

“Learn the skills to really listen and to be able to empathise….”
This is the advice that Kathleen Roche-Nagi, Director of Approachable Parenting imparts in the programme through practical ways to improve the relationship between parents and teenagers. Essentially they are young adults but still require structure and guidance that respects their growing independence. Parents are given practical tools to feel more in control of the home atmosphere whilst operating from a place of love, not frustration.

Here are the thoughts of one parent whilst attending the programme ” I am seeing a happier more engaging change between me and my son. There’s infinite scope for improvement but I love the aspect of compassion that Approachable Parenting teaches us from”.

Son’s feedback “the workshop was different from school. I learnt about feelings and changes to me and how it affects my family. We did lots on communication. I liked the one using the pen; the one person who is talking holds the pen and the other listens, I am going to use this with my parents”.

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