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parentsThe 5 Pillars of parenting 4-11 years programme has been running since 2007. The programme and our evidence have been evaluated by the National Academy of Parenting Research (NAPR)*, Kings College London and it is part of the Commissioning Toolkit. The programme can be found on the Department of Education web site, and has been independently evaluated using an evidence-based approach. www.education.gov.uk/commissioning-toolkit

This practical eight week programme, for parents of children aged 4-11yrs. gives guidance to Muslim parents on raising their children, drawing upon both psychological and Islamic principles.
Children learn from the example set by their parents, if parents are affectionate and merciful their children will learn this from this. Parents would like to see their children not only righteous, happy and successful but with knowledge of the reality of this life and the next. This programme gives parents concrete tools that will enhance their parenting and also be consistent with their values.

Delivered by experienced and professional licensed trainers we create a therapeutic atmosphere where parents can explore their own parenting within a religious context. We use a range of learning methods including group discussions, role play and demonstration.
Skills are developed in sessions which are then encouraged to be practiced at home.

The course covers:CanParent Quality Mark

  • Attending to you child and positive communication
  • Thankfulness to achieve results
  • Children rights and parents responsibilities
  • Behaviour management tool kit
  • The importance of play
  • Parenting styles
  • Developing consistent rules and boundaries
  • Managing stress
  • Life coaching techniques in accomplishing SMART goals

The ‘Five Pillars of Parenting’© programme
The Pillars are addressed simultaneously over the 8 weeks.

  •  1st Pillar – Character: Identify the importance of having good character, morals, personality and behaviour.
  • 2nd Pillar -Knowledge: learning new skills and strategies and acting on this knowledge.
  • 3rd Pillar – Action: putting what you have learned into practice to achieve results.
  • 4th Pillar -Steadfast: dedicated to overcome difficulties, parents may doubt themselves as they experience resistance to the new techniques.
  • 5th Pillar -Positive relationships: stronger family bonding, improved parenting and families initiate meaningful and permanent positive relationships.
  •  Islamic concepts such as Thankfulness and Tawbah (repentance) are placed with psychological principles.
  • Quranic evidence (e.g. Surah Luqman regarding the responsibilities of parenting) is included.
  • Prophetic examples (e.g. how the Prophet, (pbuh) would play with children and interact with others).
  • Teaching positive parent-child interaction and communication; specific ways to deal with difficult behaviour.
  • Parents grow in confidence, become good role models and are able to teach children how to use good manners.

Parents who have attended the course learn new parenting skills, improve their parental self-confidence, improve their parent-child relationship, and experience a reduction in difficult behavior.

Parents are issued with a certificate of attendance.

Parent Testimonials

  • “I learnt that changing my behaviour made a big difference in my child”
  • “Helped me to control my temper”
  • “Helped me to set rules and boundaries”
  • “Islamic perspective to the course was excellent”

*NAPR is an internationally recognised research organisation.
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